Release notes


  • Miscellaneous bug corrections and minor evolutions
  • Italian language added (thanks to Coppolatronik for the translation)


  • Possibility to force water need clearing
  • Miscellaneous bug corrections and minor evolutions
  • Dutch language added (thanks to Philoscoo for the translation)


  • Read and modify ECU parameters
  • Temperature display during charge monitoring
  • Miscellaneous bug corrections and minor evolutions
  • Hungarian language added (thanks to László Török for the translation)
  • Portuguese language completed (thanks to CrAzY_DrIveR for the translation)


  • Voltage graph in foreground for better voltage readability
  • Current scale auto resize when charging with a current above 20A (fast charges)
  • Miscellaneous bug corrections
  • Czech language added (thanks to Filip Petschke for the translation)


  • Bug correction: no PSA linking with some devices under Android 4.x.x
  • Text sizes corrected for small and large devices
  • Miscellaneous bug corrections


  • Miscellaneous bug corrections
  • Croatian language added (thanks to Marin for the translation)
  • Russian language added (thanks to DeLike for the translation)


  • Read and clear faults
  • Clear water need
  • Miscellaneous bug corrections
  • Danish language added (thanks to Kasper S. for the translation)
  • Portuguese language added (thanks to Luke Lectric for the translation)


  • Finnish language added (thanks to Pera L for the translation)


  • Norwegian language added (thanks to Elmo for the translation)
  • Swedish language added (thanks to Mikael Bäckstam for the translation)


  • Voltage axis autoscaling when data is outrange
  • Correction of minor bugs
  • German language added (thanks to Thomas H. Meier for the translation)
  • Polish language added (thanks to Janusz Piwinski for the translation)


  • Bug correction : no color display on old devices


  • First release